Product Testing Consulting Services

Ivey Engineering consultants provide unbiased examination of plumbing and mechanical products

Clients often face product failures that can’t be fully understood or easily explained by simple observation. Such situations require the disciplined application of science and forensic analysis, utilizing proper tools and procedures. Ivey Engineering product testing consultants perform testing and examination in a controlled environment and provide objective observations and opinions.

A pressure guage is shown in the foreground and measures the performance of plumbing equipment

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Customized Testing

The firm’s experts specialize in evaluating plumbing and mechanical products and providing customized product testing consulting services for both assembled products and individual components. The testing is performed in the Ivey Engineering test labs in San Diego, California.

How We Perform Testing

Ivey Engineering’s product testing is performed with an unbiased approach, using the “scientific method” consistent with industry standards. As an independent third-party product testing consultant, IEI provides testing of plumbing and mechanical products to meet the needs of its clients.

What is Failure Analysis

Product testing and failure analysis is the application of analytical observation and testing, guided by engineering practices. Failure of manufactured components often results in replacement costs, property damage, physical injury and even death.

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