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Our building system experts evaluate the condition of HVAC, plumbing and fire protection systems

Ivey Engineering’s facility condition assessment includes the inspection of a building’s mechanical systems, such as the HVAC, plumbing and fire protection systems. A report of the inspection is provided to owners or buyers of a building to help identify remaining service life, defects, maintenance obligations and any potential expenses to repair systems.

Our engineers and construction professionals have over 100 years of experience designing and constructing HVAC, plumbing and fire protection systems. The firm has performed over 500 construction defect surveys and over 100 condition surveys.

Understanding our clients’ urgency, we can jump fast to assist them. Since we are licensed in most states, we can promptly accommodate a client’s request where needed.

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We Assess Various types of Buildings

IEI is hired by owners of multifamily and university housing and commercial buildings to look at potential new acquisitions and problems with proposed upgrades of buildings. Clients, such as large apartment building owners, often request our insight to identify the current status of a building’s mechanical systems.

Experts are Knowledgeable in System Defects

Our team of experts is comprised of professional engineers and experienced construction experts. With over 25 years of construction defect consulting, our experts are knowledgeable of the problems that may occur with a facility’s mechanical systems. Our experts have seen most, if not all types of potential system problems.

We provide consultation for manufacturing Industry

Our forensic engineers also assist manufacturing facility and plant managers with mechanical condition assessments. We often opine on efficiency, humidity questions, corrosion, code upgrades, temperature fluctuations and lack of control.

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A Cut Above Other Building System Experts

Our engineers’ experience with the various components and products of a system, and its useful life and limitations, makes them well qualified to evaluate a building’s condition. Their understanding of the various building codes and standards, and the standards of care for the design, construction and maintenance of a facility, put them a cut above many other building system experts.

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