Indoor Cultivation Facility Design Consulting

Our grow facility design consultants are knowledgeable in air quality, humidy control and odor control plans

The legalization of marijuana use in various states has sparked an increase in the number of indoor grow facilities across the western United States. With the growth of the cannabis cultivation market comes numerous and unique challenges regarding appropriate equipment for filtration, carbon dioxide enrichment, LED/HPS lighting, carbon scrubbers and explosion-proof lighting. There are also concerns involving NFPA 58 butane regulations.

IEI engineers are trained in a variety of areas, such as plumbing, ventilation, humidity control, energy efficiency, air quality, water conservation and building codes. Our indoor grow facility consultants are frequently retained on cases involving design and installation errors and can provide the appropriate solution for your building:

  • Chemical extraction facilities
  • Industrial processing
  • Group U agricultural
  • Group F factory
  • High-hazard group H occupancy type buildings

Whether your building was used for cultivation, processing, a testing lab or sales store, our experts have the knowledge and experience to opine on the majority of design related questions.

a building where marijuana plants are grown

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Code Compliance & Building Designation

The growth of the indoor agriculture market has created growing concerns from municipal building officials charged with enforcement. Building owners are faced with issues surrounding code compliance and building designation:

  • Electrical service panel upsizing in retrofitted buildings due to an increase in energy demands
  • Wet/damp water usage in close proximity to electrical lighting
  • Sand/oil interceptors and retention basins
  • Fire prevention in the consumable edible processing plants
  • Air sniffers on property boundary lines
  • Ozone filters, pesticides, and fumigation regulations
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