Construction Defect Expert Consulting

Our construction defect expert witnesses provide thorough investigations of allegedly defective systems

As experts in the engineering and construction field, Ivey Engineering evaluates and analyzes construction projects for defects related to design and construction. IEI provides construction defect expert consulting and expert witness testimony for owners, developers, contractors, sub-contractors, manufacturers and designers. We provide these services for both plaintiffs and defendants.

IEI has considerable experience in high-rise plumbing systems, including engineered systems like Sovent. The firm’s experts have investigated over 20 high-rise buildings with Sovent systems.

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Investigate & Testify

Our construction defect consultants thoroughly investigate the various systems, evaluate possible defects and repair methodologies, and provide testimony regarding observations and opinions.

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Examine & Test

IEI’s technical staff examines and tests a variety of systems, including HVAC, plumbing, building energy, fire suppression and controls.

Construction Defect Consulting Services

Ivey Engineering’s construction defect expert consulting services include:

  • Review of plans and specifications review
  • Design consistency and constructability analysis
  • On-site investigation, including visual inspection, destructive and non-destructive testing
  • Construction quality assessment
  • Standard of care analysis
  • Property damage assessment
  • Relevant building code and industry standard compliance review
  • Remediation and repair recommendation
  • Cost of repair estimating and analysis
  • Reports
  • ADR support
  • Testimony
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