Construction Claims Expert Consulting

Our construction claims consultants are experienced in project management, scheduling, cost estimating and more

Ivey Engineering offers construction claims expert consulting resources to assist clients with disputes. Our experts are former construction managers and construction company executives.

Construction claims can include any number of issues relating to project administration, design or construction. In many cases, these issues can be very technical and not easy to understand for people unfamiliar with the construction process. The same is true for determining and quantifying damages associated with these issues.

IEI’s construction claims consultants are skilled in project management, scheduling, cost estimating, bidding, claims preparation, presentation and defense. We assist with construction claims that include unresolved change orders, design errors or omissions, allegations of inadequate project administration, failure to prosecute the work, abandonment, suspension, termination, force majeure, differing site conditions or interference. Our firm is retained by plaintiffs, defendants and neutral parties.

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