Construction Cost Estimating & Cost Analysis Consulting

Our firm has significant knowledge in quantifying construction and engineering costs

IEI provides a variety of construction cost estimating and cost analysis consulting services. For example we estimate and analyze costs associated with:

  • Repair of construction defects
  • Repair of system design or performance problems
  • Damages resulting from performance bond claims
  • Contractor bids
  • Change orders
  • Acceleration and delay
  • Damages resulting from abandonment

Ivey Engineering experts are skilled in quantifying construction and engineering costs and provide clients with accurate cost estimates and analysis.

construction cost estimating

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Budgetary & Detailed Estimates

Ivey Engineering provides construction cost estimating and cost analysis consulting primarily for disputes and litigation. IEI develops budgetary and detailed cost estimates for HVAC, plumbing, energy management, fire suppression and piping systems.

We’re an Industry Leader

Our combined skills of engineering design and construction experience, with current material and labor pricing, sets IEI apart as an industry leader in construction cost estimating. We determine the most effective methodology. When requested, our experts clearly and persuasively communicate those costs and findings to the parties, judges, juries and arbitrators.

Realistic & Accurate

To develop realistic and accurate construction cost estimates, the firm utilizes local material costs, labor productivity rates and nationally recognized standards and sources. Our experts in their former occupations have estimated and bid over 1,500 projects and 7,000 change orders.

Our Experts Audit & Verify Costs

IEI experts prepare estimates and/or verify construction costs to assist in change order and claims preparation or evaluation. The firm’s energy experts are also available to audit and verify post construction costs for operations and maintenance, energy consumption as well as life-cycle cost analysis.

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