Forensic Investigation & Failure Analysis Consulting

Our forensic engineers are skilled in answering the “what” and “why” when failures occur

“What happened and what caused it?” are often the first questions asked after a catastrophic failure, fire, explosion, leak or injury. Of course, these are often followed by, “How can it be fixed and whose fault is it?”

As forensic investigation and failure analysis consultants, Ivey Engineering is frequently retained to conduct or assist with forensic investigations for answers to these and similar questions.

Forensic engineering is generally defined as the application of science and engineering to the investigation of a failure or incident. Within the framework of a system or component failure, IEI will provide forensic engineering services and assist in identifying the nature and possible causes of the incident, prepare engineering reports and offer expert witness testimony at mediations, arbitrations and trials.

A forensic investigation expert documenting the possible cause and origin of a fire
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A rusty old pipe with water leaking from it

A Sample of IEI’s Forensic Investigations

Since its founding in 1994, the firm has performed hundreds of forensic investigations. The following are examples of issues we investigate:

  • Construction defects at high-rise condominium
  • Performance bond claims
  • Construction claim dispute
  • Excessive system energy usage claim
  • Hot water scalding death
  • Home reverse osmosis (RO) system leak and water damage
  • Plumbing product failure
  • Plumbing system leak and damage
  • Pipe leak and damage
  • HVAC system performance claim
  • Cooling tower failure
  • HVAC unit failure
  • Carbon monoxide (CO) death
  • Electrical panel arc flash resulting in personal injury
  • Electrocution at construction site
  • Electrical component failure
  • Electrical system performance claim
  • Hotel gas explosion and injury
  • Home fire originating in area of HVAC unit
  • Fire sprinkler system leak discharge
  • Fire and life safety problems in a new education building
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We Investigate Material, System & Product Quality

Our experienced forensic experts investigate materials, products, systems, structures or components that allegedly fail, not operate or function properly, or may have caused personal injury or damage to property.

We Provide Failure Analysis

IEI’s forensic investigation and failure analysis consultants are often retained to identify the cause of the failure or incident. And if requested, our experts provide recommendations or information to improve the performance or service life of the material, product, system, structure or component.