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Our building systems experts have a wealth of experience designing, constructing and investigating heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems. They are proficient in analyzing and testing installed systems and products and investigating personal injury claims.


IEI experts investigate all types of plumbing systems in residential, commercial, industrial, educational and institutional facilities. They examine various plumbing problems, such as hot water delivery, water leaks, sewer backups, gas leaks and product failure.

Fire & Life Safety

IEI engineers are licensed, trained and experienced in fire protection and life-safety design and consulting for all types of facilities, nationally and internationally. We are knowledgeable in the latest building and fire and life-safety codes and computer-based fire-modeling tools.

Energy Efficiency

Our skilled team, which consists of Certified Energy Managers, analyzes and tests the energy efficiency of residential, commercial, institutional and industrial buildings; the team also analyzes claims of underperformance. The firm’s experts are proficient in energy management design and standards of care.

Fire Investigations

IEI’s experts conduct fire investigations using state-of-the-art methods to determine the cause and origin of fires. While performing an investigation, our engineers utilize the scientific methods recommended by NFPA 921. This systematic approach includes collecting and analyzing data and developing and testing hypotheses.

Fire Detection & Suppression

As fire detection and suppression consultants, we analyze a variety of fire sprinkler systems, including wet, dry and deluge systems, as well as clean agents systems, including Halon, FM-200, Inergen, CO2 and fire pumping systems. We are knowledgeable with codes and standards for all building types.

Carbon Monoxide Safety

IEI’s carbon monoxide experts investigate residential water heaters, furnaces, fireplaces and larger commercial and industrial equipment in personal injury matters relating to CO poisoning.

Building Codes

IEI expert witnesses are proficient in the application of model building codes, such as the Uniform Codes, the International Codes and various state building codes. Our consultants are equally experienced with various building industry standards.

System Repair Design

The firm’s consultants have experience in identifying building system problems related to aging or failing plumbing, HVAC and fire & life-safety systems. IEI is skilled in designing system repairs and upgrades to correct these problems. We determine which design features work most effectively and how to best comply with regulatory requirements. 

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Our Travel Expense Policy

Did you know we don’t charge for airfare or travel time?

As a national expert witness consulting firm we realize we have to compete with local consultants on out-of-town projects with more than just a higher level of expertise and ethics. We do not charge for airfare or travel time while traveling by air.

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Our dedicated staff consists of licensed engineers and architects, former construction executives and service and repair professionals. Our team members hold contractor licenses, LEED certifications and P.E. and AIA accreditations.

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