Construction Litigation
Expert & ADR Support 

IEI consultants are proficient in successful dispute resolution

Companies and their legal counsel rely on Ivey Engineering’s construction litigation experts and ADR support services. IEI performs document review and analysis, site inspection and documentation of existing conditions, engineering analysis, code analysis, consulting, mediation, presentations and expert testimony.

The firm has considerable experience and knowledge of the dispute resolution processfrom defining issues and discovery to comprehensive damage analysis and expert testimony. Clients turn to IEI for expert insight into complex engineering and construction matters to assist in successful dispute resolution.

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Unique Capabilities

Legal teams often retain IEI for its unique capabilities and expertise in ADR support. Whether the case is highly technical or quantitatively challenging, IEI experts are skilled professionals with the technical training and experience to simplify even the most complex issues.

IEI Experts Testify

Our expert opinions are based upon independent and objective investigation, research, analysis and testing. Our engineering and construction litigation experts testify in state and federal courts and arbitrations.

We Know How to Explain Complex Issues

Ivey Engineering is especially adept at explaining technically complex concepts in straight forward and simple terms. We use photographs, diagrams, presentations, physical demonstrations and video to explain our observations, analysis and opinions.

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Our List of Litigation & ADR Support is Varied

IEI offers comprehensive construction litigation and ADR support consulting for most construction and design issues:

  • Construction defect claims
  • Performance bond claims
  • System failure claims
  • Product failure claims
  • Remediation and repair recommendations
  • Construction contract disputes
  • Construction cost disputes
  • Professional liability claims
  • Personal injury claims
  • Performance bond claims
  • Code compliance claims
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