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Gloria Rodriguez

Evidence Control Manager

Gloria Rodriguez has worked in the administrative and education field for over 15 years. She started her professional career with Cuyamaca College as a peer advisor. During this time, Gloria worked in the counseling department and was responsible for developing plans and strategies to achieve long-term student self-sufficiency, especially for minorities. She then moved on to the assessment center as an assistant, coordinating assessment tests for incoming students and conducting presentations for non-English (i.e., Spanish) speaking students.

She later transferred to quality engineering as an administrator. Her responsibilities ranged from handling the day to day activities of the firm as well as invoicing and various accounting tasks.

Gloria obtained her bachelor’s degree in management from San Diego State University and her associate’s degree from Cuyamaca College.

She joined Ivey Engineering in 2002. Her responsibilities include managing the firm’s evidence and control and storage program and assisting with the accounting and office management.