Fire Safety Expert Witness

IEI’s fire protection experts and fire safety engineers are experienced in analyzing fire risk and hazardous materials

Besides extensive education and training, IEI’s fire safety expert witnesses have decades of experience in the design of fire detection, suppression and alarm systems, and are knowledgeable in codes and standards analysis. Our fire engineers are also skilled in fire risk analysis, hazardous materials analysis, and testing and commissioning of fire and life safety systems. This experience includes approximately 20 international projects in seven countries and hundreds of projects in the United States.

Our fire protection experts vast knowledge includes:

  • Codes and standards compliance
  • Computerized fire modeling
  • Computerized fire-protection design
  • Fire-safety risk assessment and mitigation
  • Hazardous materials assessment
  • Mass notification assessment and design
  • Fire-suppression system design, testing and commissioning
  • Fire-alarm system design, testing and commissioning
  • Fire loss investigation
  • Fire-system performance investigation
  • Fire litigation support and expert witness services
  • Smoke control design
high rise fire building
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Fire Risk Analysis

Our fire safety expert witnesses are experienced in analyzing existing or planned facilities for potential hazards that could lead to catastrophic fire loss, explosions, loss of life and health problems. The firm’s fire engineers are skilled in identifying potential problems and mitigation strategies for building developers, owners and designers.

Fire Modeling Expert

IEI’s fire experts have decades of experience utilizing computer-based fire modeling programs, which are used to recreate the characteristics of fires during the design phase of a project or after a fire event. This tool is often used to graphically depict the propagation of fire and smoke in complex fire litigation matters. Our consultants also use fire modeling to identify potential worse-case scenarios for facility developers, owners and operators.

Timed Egress Analysis

Building and life safety codes, such as the NFPA 101 “Life Safety Code,” contain very prescriptive building design requirements for egress. The objective of these codes is to provide safe paths of exit for building occupants during a fire. Our fire safety engineers use state of the art simulation software to analyze the viability of each egress route.

building with crane

Performance Vs. Prescriptive

Building codes also allow for a performance approach as an alternate to the prescriptive provisions outlined in the codes. The performance approach would be applied by a fire safety engineer and tailored to a specific building rather than  a “one size fits all” approach. The prescriptive requirements of the codes are conservative and often applied without considering the effects of other passive and active fire protection and egress measures that are as or more effective. Of course, engineered performance measures must be applied properly.

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