Ivey Engineering Unveils New Electric Vehicle Charging Station Design Service

San Diego, CA — Ivey Engineering, Inc., (IEI), an energy efficiency and electrical expert firm, recently unveiled its new electric vehicle charging station (EVCS) design service. The EVCS service package includes the analysis, design and implementation of EV charging stations for multi-family and commercial building owners.

“The demand for electric vehicles is expected to increase rapidly over the next five years, due to rising ev_charging_design_3gas prices and tax incentives for owning alternate fueled vehicles,” says Rush Porter, IEI business development manager.  To meet the growth of EV ownership, many HOAs, multi-family building owners and commercial building owners are developing a “smart” plan to install electric car charging stations within their building’s common parking areas.

“The increase in EV ownership has created a need for more charging stations in local communities,” Porter says. “Many building owners want to be part of the green movement as well as provide a safe and convenient way for its tenants to re-charge their electric vehicles,” he adds.

For many building owners, installing an EV charging station could be a new challenge. As an electrical expert, Ivey Engineering understands these challenges and provides easy solutions to meet an HOA or building owner’s charging station design needs.

“We’ve had numerous association managers tell us they’ve been approached by their home owners requesting access to a charging outlet,” Porter says. “We offer guidance through the myriad of electrical challenges building managers may face and provide design solutions they can use.”

The firm’s engineers understand the codes, specifications, metering programs and utility company regulations associated with installing electric car charging stations. With in-house electrical engineering and CAD design, IEI can perform all necessary electrical analysis, which includes identifying the best location for the electrical vehicle stations and related safety issues.

Ivey Engineering will also produce the plans and calculations necessary for permits. At this point, IEI will hand off the project to the building owner’s installation contractor for the project to be completed.

“We provide the building management team with a complete set of electrical plans and specifications that are made ready for submitting to the city and for obtaining permits,” says Tom Byers, IEI senior electrical engineer. “The plans will also be adjusted for subcontractor bids. This way, the building owner is confident that bids obtained from competing subcontractors are apples for apples,” he says.

Installing an EV charging station provides a building owner with many benefits, such as:

  • Helps a building owner be prepared for tenants when they purchase electric vehicles.
  • Promotes a multi-family or commercial building as a sustainable and green property.
  • Provides a building owner with a new unique revenue model.
  • Ensures a safe, easy and reliable way to power your vehicle.
  • Helps to increase a building owner’s property value and earn LEED points.
About Ivey Engineering

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