Electrical Expert Witness & Electrical Forensic Consulting

Ivey Engineering's electrical expert witnesses have experience with the design and maintenance of all types of electrical systems, including:

As electrical consultants, IEI has experience in the analysis and resolution of insurance claims and litigation regarding electrical equipment failure, arc flash incidents, electrocution, electrical fires, electrical safety system failures, construction defects, design errors and industrial control system failures.

Our electrical forensic consulting services include: power-system study, electrical safety evaluation, design review and electrical-system modification, repair design and cost of repair estimating.

IEI's electrical expert witnesses investigate accidental electrocution, explosions, electrical shock, faults and electrical fires. They also investigate and report on cause and origin of fires.

We are knowledgeable in analyzing the performance and failure of electrical equipment and materials. For example, IEI will analyze power system components, such as switch gear, motor control centers, transformers, control devices, conduits and wire.

Our experts evaluate construction claims regarding delays, disruption and additional cost that are alleged to result from incomplete or inadequate design, excessive changes, project administration, construction defects and failure to properly prosecute the work.

The firm has experience in the application of all major-model building codes and national standards, including:

For more information about our electrical expert witness services, call or e-mail us today!

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